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About pinkerness

Pinkerness is dedicated to highlighting the adaptations of mythology in our popular culture. We write about the mythical gods, stories, and elements that were passed down the generations, and wound their way into our movies, books, comics and video games. At Pinkerness, we explain how these magical elements continue to have purpose in our contemporary pop culture.

Meet the writers

Koen Uffing

Historian, blogger and writer

Koen is an historian with a knack for writing. He has a habit of writing overcomplicated sentences about cool stuff, especially when the cool stuff involves magic of some kind.

At Pinkerness, Koen deals with the Norse pantheon. He loves all the gods equally, but considers Loki to be more equal than others.

Anne Rozekrans

Historian, writer and lover of cats

Anne is a historian with a love for old stories, the older the better! She likes to find obscure and mysterious facts and then tell you all about it.
At Pinkerness, Anne focuses on the Greek gods and myths. Most Greek myths have a flair of ridiculousness, so she feels like she fits right in.

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